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Default 15k reservation


I wanted to join 15k search and I selected 15k=1581823815 from I didn't look into "I'd like to help" thread where cyrix's post about the reservation was. I've sent a message about the reservation to on the 6th of March, but I got no response till now. I couldn't wait, and began sieving. I sieved the range 164000-220000. Then I bagan to do LLR tests. And I found a prime! It was 1581823815*2^165037-1. The first thing I did -- I googled for "1581823815 165037". And I was taken to stats page. So, the prime was known!

So, the question is: how to reserve a 15k and to be totally sure that I will not do duplicate work? Why isn't updated? If it is really out of date, a message about could be placed on it, to avoid such confusion.
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Another good place to check is at the top-5000
prime page at

That k has found these primes:
541 1581823815 · 2384095-1 115634
553 1581823815 · 2379422-1 114227
942 1581823815 · 2336542-1 101319
1395 1581823815 · 2287821-1 86652
1603 1581823815 · 2262774-1 79113
2226 1581823815 · 2229557-1 69113
2424 1581823815 · 2222451-1 66974
3924 1581823815 · 2197668-1 59514
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The "homecandidate" page is really outdated but the neghbour page Statistics is relatively up to date. When reserving a certain k please to the following:
1) Check the above "Statistics" page
2) Search I'd like to help thread and POST PRIMES you've found here threads for your k.
3) Search the Top-5000 data-base using the link above for "k*2^%-1" replacing the k for its real value. Be sure to check the "all verified primes" box near the bottom of the page.
4) If nothing is found, announce your reservation in the I'd like to help thread.

And, good luck!
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Thanks everyone!
So, using the pages above I found a k with no primes known. I will post it to the "I'd like to help" thread.
BTW, I think that those links could be added to one of the "Instructions" sticky threads.
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