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Default Intel Core 8000 series is a confusing mess

Previously Intel's Core (mainstream) desktop and laptop processors within a series had the same process and architecture:

For instance SandyBridge was 2xxx, IvyBridge 3xxx, Haswell 4xxx, Broadwell 5xxx (mostly laptop parts) and Skylake 6xxx

But not any more!

The Intel Core 8000 series for desktop and laptop will include processors based on:
Kaby Lake (laptop i3-8130U ) 14nm+
Kaby Lake-Refresh (laptop i7-8650U ) 14nm+
Coffee Lake (desktop i3-8350K i5-8600K i7-8700K ) 14nm++
Then there is the rumoured Whiskey Lake for laptops (14nm++) and possibly even some extreme low-powered (~5W) Cannon Lake laptop parts based on 10nm.......

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last series with this naming convention and we'll get something like the Xeon series with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum parts. On the other hands, Intel still sells Pentium and Celeron named processors, so they have a record of keeping old brand names alive.
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While not so great on the laptop side, if you concentrate on desktop it is no different. If you're not overclocking, the generation matters relatively less since you're never pushing it to its limits, and it is more about what the CPU configuration itself offers.

I think they could go 9000 series before breaking, as 10000 would start to get excessive. At least give the internet a chance to revive the "over 9000" meme.

I'm more annoyed they put HEDT parts numbered as the newer consumer part, due to the time lag of introduction and not making it look old.
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