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Default accidentally unreserved exponent

I'm retiring one of my computers, which is currently testing M54613343. Unfortunately, I accidentally clicked "No" when asked whether to finish my assignments before quitting GIMPS. I tried re-reserving the exponent, but it has already been assigned to an anonymous user. I was able to retrieve the assignment key from the prime.log file, but the server said it was not valid.

However, Prime95 continued where it left off when I entered the exponent in the Advanced > Test option. The exponent will finish in about nine days. So my question is, will PrimeNet accept the result when Prime95 submits it? Or will I have to use the manual submission feature?

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It will accept the result, and the anon user will complete and theirs will be considered a DC.
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You will both get credit.
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Originally Posted by bcp19 View Post
It will accept the result, and the anon user will complete and theirs will be considered a DC.
Originally Posted by Dubslow View Post
You will both get credit.
Correct. And additionally, you are right, you DO have to manually send "results.txt" if you unsubscribed the computer. It will not connect automatically, unless you check that box, but that would mean subscribing again. In any case, it will create a results.txt file, and you can copy/paste its content on this page (login with your username first to get the credit, otherwise the credit goes to anonymous).
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One thing you might of course consider, depending on your own ethical considerations (it's a discussible issue), is whether to hold off reporting your result until the person to whom the work has now been assigned has finished it. Then you report your result and yours becomes the double check. On the other hand if it becomes obvious to you, as you monitor the progress of this exponent on PrimeNet, that the anonymous assignee is not in fact making progress and going ahead, then of course you simply report your result as the first time test after all.

The motivation for this line of thinking is that many contributors to the project would feel cheated if what they thought was a first time LL test turned out to be a double check. But it's your call of course.
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