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Default Have my assignments accidentally got unassigned?

Today, I decided to finally upgrade from version 24 of Prime95. I created a Primenet v5 account and connected it to my v4 user years ago when that became possible, but I haven't upgraded Prime95 until now. Anyway, I was a little confused about the new thing with running both workers in the same Prime95 window, so in the beginning, all my previous exponents were assigned to worker 1, and worker 2 got some new assignment. I didn't like that, so I removed my install of the new Prime95 version and tried again. After a while, I understood how to edit the worktodo.txt file to make sure that things worked correctly. I unassigned the exponents that had been assigned to worker 2 by accident.

The problem is that when I then checked, I noticed that there were two CPU's had been created for my first unsuccessful tries. By a bit of renaming, I managed to figure out which CPU represented my final and working try. After that, I deleted the two other CPU's. However, it seems as if my assignments had become assigned to one of these CPU's instead of the real one. Sadly, it seems as if this meant that all my exponents accidentally got unassigned when I deleted the CPU's from my failed upgrade tries.

Is there any way of reassigning my exponents? I've tried using Advanced > Manual communication > Contact Primenet server now/Send new expected completion dates to server, but it doesn't seem to help. However, the tests of my exponents seem to be running properly. Current progress is 98.49% on M50822873 and 63.34% on M51624109. A double-check of M28075703 is also queued up on worker 1 to replace M50822873 when that is finished.

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