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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Somewhere a cog got slipped. When I saw that the first time I thought about this:
Sorry. I removed the duplicate link. It was duplicated in the feed that I use to generate these posts.
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No need to apologize. I figured the slipped cog was not yours. And it gave me an excuse to link to the funny T shirt.
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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Nice article, but old. Remember reading this two or three years ago in science alert or so. I would be curious what came out of that discovery (probably nothing).
Probably the AMC channel is making a series about it.
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New method for cooling charged particles has been developed

A two penning trap system is able to "cool-down" charged particles such as Antiprotons using laser-cooled beryllium ions. This effect happens at a maximum distance from about 9 cm; while other methods used at the moment require 0,1 millimeters or less.

This will also allow a much closer analysing from Anti-protons as they can be cooled down to 1K; if not <1K.

It might not look like a major breakthrough, but its a large step forward regardless.
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We finally know what turns cats into tabbies

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Originally Posted by rogue View Post

"the work also demonstrates a broader need to stop thinking about the genome in static terms, and to start envisioning it as something dynamic."

Indeed. But I'ld guess that those changes to brain cell DNA will not make their way to the testicles/ovaries to become inheritable? ;-) Nonetheless, the view that behavior and environment have an impact on evolution seems to find more followers lately.

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Likely cause of Alzheimer's identified

Biological basis of empathy

Mouse facial expressions and emotions

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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
This one should shake things up a bit. The dating of the fossilized human footprints at between 21000 and 23000 years old looks pretty solid to me. Definitely pre-Clovis.
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