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Nov 2003

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Default Further Plans

The question is: do we want to keep Number 1 position by prime count or do we
want to go back to small and/or low-weight Ks and try to find more megabit primes including a mega-digit one? Obviously we cannot do both. Since we have more than 900 primes listed in Top-5000 right now (922 as of this writing), one idea that popped up recently is to keep on reporting relatively small primes (n=400-600k) until we reach 1000 primes, and then, after floating there for a while, gradually switch to search for large primes.

Any other ideas?
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PrimeGrid will definitely pass RPS and PrimeSearch on terms of number of small primes, it is a matter of time, just look at their latest reservation. It's a lost war so I would concentrate on finding some mega-digit primes.
We can pick some k's and sieve them.
Anyway, right now I can't help too much because I don't have the machine on 24/7 but now I have Vista 64-bit so I can use the 64-bit version of srsieve series.

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Default .

My individual opinion is that it would be more interesting to search large primes, because with increasing size, they become more and more seldom, like diamonds.

However, at the moment there is more activity in the 7th and 8th drive than in the 6th drive, which indicates there could be more interest for smaller primes. @Kosmaj maybe the idea to switch to large primes after reaching 1000 is a nice idea.
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I personally like to search for primes with both high and low values on N for variety. I would vote for a range of options as we have now (low N - 7th & 8th drives, med - 9K, high 6th drive, v. high - k=15 & 17). However once we reach 1000 primes we could reduce the number low N drives. Whatever we decide, the number of personal searchers operating at lowish N at the moment probably ensures that we will reach 1000 primes in due course.
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I'm relatively new to the group but having a range of options sounds like a good idea. I like to keep k fairly small as this gives the most efficient testing times. Also it's great to find the large primes but they are much harder to find. Having said that I am also trying to re-gain the no.1 position for number of primes in the top 5000.
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I like the variety of our current drives too and would agree with all of the above.

We should always have some "bread and butter" drive(s) for small N, not only to keep our leading position for the number of primes, but also to give new members (and people not having many multicore machines at their disposal) a fair chance to find a prime at all.
There should also be the "special interest" drives, e.g. low-weights, high-weights, megabits (including, perhaps, megadigits), etc.
And finally there should always be the possibility for individuals to test their "own" K(s), without any pressure by others.
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Regarding our target of reaching 1000 primes on Top-5000, with 984 listed right now, we are almost there, only 16 more! But considering pending drop outs probably about 30 and in a relatively limited period of time, 7-10 days.

So if you have some machines sieving or searching for huge primes, please consider switching some of them for a week or two to one of our last 4 drives (7th - 10th), or other small candidates. However, don't go below n=420k because such primes won't be on the list for more than a few weeks.

Happy hunting, and let's go for this final push!
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