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Default Old reservations

Hi! :-)

The LLRnet server is currently handing out n's at 6M8. But there are still something like 1000 candidates that are below 6M in manual reservations. Is there any chance that those who have reserved those candidates can get new reservations around 8M and these old can be added to the LLRnet server?

I'm also guessing a lot of the candidates in those reservation files have been sieved out by now?
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If you look at the manual reservation thread, you realize that it's basically one guy who is a bit late. Yet, as he is a very dedicated, and still continues crunching his reservation, there is no reason to touch it. He will do his ranges, even if it takes some time, we are confident. H.
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Sorry for answering so late. But I am ill at the moment and if i leave the bed i have something more important to do then watching the forum.

For the old reservation. The person is still working on it and the policy of PSp was always that you can stay with a reservation as long as you want if you prove that you are still working on it.

So the reservaton stays as it is. By the way there were more then 100 results from that reservation returned in the last weeks.
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Thank you for your reply.

Hope you get well soon!

Any idea how much of those reservation files that has actually been sieved away? :)
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