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Default continue v4 work on v5?

is there anyway to let my v4 work finish and report it back to v5

or at the very least switch over to v5 when my last v4 job is done
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A Sunny Moo
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Well, you could wait until you finish the current v4 job, close Prime95, set UseV4=0 in your prime.txt file, then go to the v4 manual pages and release all your untested v4 jobs (actually one of them would have a tiny bit of testing on it since Prime95 would have started immediately on the next one when your current V4 job finished). Then, delete those from the worktodo.txt file, and start Prime95 again. I would assume that it would then grab some work from the v5 server and start on it normally. Then, you'd just need to repeat this for all your other machines and you should be all set!
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