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Default Questions about Aliquot k-Cycles research

I have 3 questions about Aliquot k-Cycles research ?

1) Has anyone ever run calculations with the algorithm given here to search Aliquot 3-Cycles ?
And if so, for which values of v and u ? (reminder : today, we only know 51 different v such that p=2^v-1 is a prime, see Mersenne's prime numbers).
I wouldn't want to do calculations already done by other people !

2) Does anyone know similar Algebraic Rules for Aliquot 7-Cycles ?

3) Does anyone know where to find Algebraic Rules for Aliquot k-Cycles, in the general case for k=10, 11, 13 and more, and if these rules exist and have been found ?
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Problem: Are there any sociable number cycles such that not all numbers have same parity?
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