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Default Increasing range of attachment extensions allowed

Hail, oh mighty gerbils to whom I am but another chewable plaything of inadequate quality.

Would there be any chance of allowing .cpp as an attachment type?
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We're guessing that is a C++ file extension.

You could zip/gzip/bzip2 it and upload it, or just use a .txt extension.

This kind of request would actually go to the trolls, and as far as they are concerned, if it ain't Forth, it ain't worth bothering with.
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How about .7z archives? I'm quite sure the trolls would approve, as it is (currently) a bit obscure, maybe even eccentric. BTW, did they ever get (or disclose) their names?
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No names yet.

The trolls are very much against oddball archiving software even though their eccentric behavior would suggest otherwise.

There are free zip/gzip/bzip2 programs for all platforms.

Think of the target audience and not what is easiest for you.

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