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Post AMD64 Applications with Visual Studio 6 or .Net

Hello all,

I hope the following information is useful to someone here; I haven't seen it posted in other threads yet:


is a useful document from AMD describing how to use the compiler bundled with Microsoft's Platform SDK (freely downloadable) to build AMD64 binaries in VS6 or VS.Net on either 32bit or 64bit build machines.

Microsoft maintains documentation for the AMD64 compiler in the Platform SDK at

Lastly, it appears that the compiler shipped with the Visual {C++, Basic, Web, .Net} 2005 Express editions does not support AMD64, and that only Visual Studio 2005 Professional or better will ship with support built in. Even in that case, the native and cross compilers for AMD64 will be on a separate DVD and will not be installed by default (Per July 2004 MSDN Documentation).

Ethan O'Connor
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