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Default All Time High?!

The virtual machine's sustained throughput* is currently 20025 billion floating point operations per second (gigaflops), or 1663.5 CPU years (Pentium 90Mhz) computing time per day. For the testing of Mersenne numbers, this is equivalent to 715 Cray T916 supercomputers, or 357.5 of Cray's most powerful T932 supercomputers, at peak power. As such, PrimeNet ranks among the most powerful computers in the world. (*Measured in calibrated P5 90Mhz, 32.98 MFLOP units: 25658999 FPO / 0.778s using 256k FFT.)

20 Teraflops!

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One of these days we're going to own the Earth Simulator.
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Originally Posted by ixfd64
One of these days we're going to own the Earth Simulator.
Apples and oranges...distributed projects like GIMPS are strictly limited to what are known as "embarrassingly parallel" computations.
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