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Default Chinese company announces new GPU that can reach 37 TFLOPS

The bad news is that there is no mention of it supporting OpenCL. So it probably can't be used for GIMPS work out of the box.
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It is also 37 TFLOPS at FP32 which is for trial factoring, there is no mention of FP64 speed.

Trial factoring is ok too I guess, but there are just so many good FP32 cards compared to FP64 that it is not very exciting.

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More on "Big Island"
Memory bandwidth 20% higher than Radeon VII, memory capacity double which would be handy for P-1 on large exponents; no mention of DP/FP64 performance in any coverage I found, or any hint of pricing. No mention of APIs such as OpenCL or OpenGL
"The company did not provide double-precision performance figures." So presumably nothing to brag about there, if it even has it. Although with the "quality" of reporting, one wonders. (More than one site referred to INT32, INT16, and INT8 as floating point choices. There seems to have been some substantial copy/paste going on.)
Some of the pages discussing the announcement are dated mid January.
Packaging design indicates passive cooling lengthwise, like a lot of Teslas, dependent on forced air through a server chassis. And a mezzanine form factor is offered too.
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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
More on "Big Island"
For Chinese users or who knows Chinese, the name of the company is:


with website (in Chinese)

People who want to search the original messages(with or without google translation) may using this word to begin the search.

(I cannot believe that I know this Chinese news in a foreign forum.)

The information in Chinese is as confused as it was in English.
Some people says, Big Island(BI) is compatible to a cuda program, but some people says that is definitely impossible.

According to messages in the official website, BI is compatible to Tensorflow and Pytorch (I don't find their version, maybe that's something like ROCm)
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Originally Posted by Neutron3529 View Post
with website (in Chinese)
Ilúvatar "Allfather" also called Eru "The One".
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