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Default List of FFT Lengths (27.7 b2)?

I keep failing Prime95 Blend around 6 hours in, almost consistently, when trying to test out an overclock (almost irregardless of voltage 1.488-1.552 and 3.6-3.8ghz).

It's the FFT length after 2400k. Now, since I can never pass this value, I don't know what it is. Trying to search online, comparing my values, looks incorrect, it appears different prime95 versions have different blend value lists.

Thanks. It would go a long way in helping me out, I could just run a custom on that specific FFT length. I think it might be 288k, which I can run in custom and do just fine in, so maybe it's a combination of 288k+heat, or it's a similar value but not 288k...

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Try selecting custom then entering that fft area in? Not really sure what you want, though
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