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Originally Posted by drkirkby View Post
As far as I aware, the days of being able to use a GPU to mine cryptocurrency are long gone. The ASICs have a hash rate around a million times higher than a GPU.
Currently you can mine Ethereum with a GPU that has more than 4GB of memory.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
Currently you can mine Ethereum with a GPU that has more than 4GB of memory.
I read there is a big change coming to Ethereum on April 17. I guess it is part of their proof-of-stake changeover. They are all welcome to it.
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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
It seems to me that Bitcoin lies in between currency and stocks, sharing elements of both.
I.e., The Nakamoto scheme; a novel hybrid between a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme.

How can you tell if a crypto is a scam? Just ask this one weird trick question crypto cultists hate.

How does the issuer make money?

If the answer is "buy my token now, number go up" then it's a scam. —Stephen Diehl
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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
You have it right, it is more like "it's $59 a month, but you can pay in {arbitrary conversion factor} BTC today if you like, and some other amount of BTC next month".

But the reason I saw that as closer to the $100 bill is because I can open my browser, pay that bill with Bitcoin, and be done with it. I can't do that with stock that has to be sold first.

Most of the fees are paid when you purchase Bitcoin. Unless there are specific circumstances that I am not aware of, there aren't any significant costs associated with spending Bitcoin.
We seem to be stuck in a different timezone by a few decades, here in my country, we use the browser to trade stocks and access our bank account.

And most places will convert it back to USD from Bitcoin at the end - plus they determine Bitcoin worth (will this cost you 0.001 or 0.1 BTC?) from a regular currency. It might seem independent just because it's not done by Big Bank.

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