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Default Where to get CUDA DLLs?

I upgraded to CUDALucas-2.04 Beta-4.2-sm_30-x64.exe to match the Cuda version of the new mfaktc. And now I am getting the followiong error: : cufftSafeCall() CUFFT error 6: CUFFT_EXEC_FAILED

I think this may be because of the bad cufft64_42_9.dll I found somewhere on the Internet. Where can I get a good copy of this DLL?

Thank you.
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Thank you very much.
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Don't you know that you can find any file in eMule or torrents? 99%+ of them will be fake (and potentially damaging).

You will do much better by not getting files from internet that you have no way of checking. Simply install CUDA from the official site. But then again, when libs are wrapped with a binary, that half the evil (still not a clean solution). Do not get naked .dlls from untrusted sites.
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That is right. Except I did not know where to get the official DLLs until I asked. The PDF file, at the time, had links to CUDA libraries only up to version 4.1, and I needed 4.2.

I got the dll from another project like CudaLucas. Turned out the dll was ok, my error is because of something else.

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BTW, probably time to edit (or remove) the following from the readme:

Unforunately at the moment we don't have the Windows library files available for all CUDA versions, currently only 3.2 and 4.1.

Thanks for your hard work.
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Karl M Johnson
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Officially, the DLLs are inside Nvidia CUDA Toolkits.
Previous versions of them are available on Nvidia, some may not be listed though.
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