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Default [Req. Help] Devised Algorithm - Computing All RSA Challenges

With the database of prime numbers at disposal, it would be in best interest to start coding and deploying the proposed fully scalable distributed neural networking systems. Anyone interested in having a hand in the development of the cross-architecture system and project files (via postal mail) under NDA please email me. Quicksilver / Exluminis lead developers in W-XCTV Enterprises(tm) project, "Qualitative Prime Link(tm)". It is a delightful challenge to teach our higher level form of mathematics to all whom seek it.

I am looking for programmers with specific diciplines of mathematics and fundamental understandings.
Requiring developers with high end knowledge in the following areas:
Alpha/PPC/SPARC/x86 (SMP) assembly - highly optimized
Neural Network Programming / (Bubble and or Fuzzy Logic)
Distributed Networks Development
Low-level OSI and TCP/IP coding

If you have other abilities useful in decrypting current public key systems, please do email me.

I assure you that the proposed algorithm will blow you away. The above just describes the beginning. It should only take a matter of weeks after the system is deployed. We can prove these encryption systems a joke and any other ones devised based upon public key cryptology. If we break these factor challenges, it will just be a matter of time before RSA releases a new set of challenges that will just as easily be defeated.

There will be a new number for people to study. It will be similar to epsilon, pi, or the golden ratio. Interested in taking the journey?

- [ The theory of "Connectivity through Universal Proximity Factors and Redundancy" (*William Sawyer 2.3) ]
- Bye all. 34486710031212
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What is this number all about? I am interested in numbers like pi, Phi, e, etc. Is it composite like pi?
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i think its more along the lines of looking at all the past primes and factors to try to make predicting numbers more rewarding.

soemthing like that
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Default Re: [Req. Help] Devised Algorithm - Computing All RSA Challe

Originally Posted by Exluminis
I assure you that the proposed algorithm will blow you away.
Call me a narrow-minded skeptic, but somehow, I'm not yet feeling assured.
Why don't you help me out by doing something that should be quite easy for
such a breakthrough algorithm to do, say, by factoring the smallest
outstanding RSA challenge number, which is RSA-576, having 576 bits and
174 decimal digits:


That would be a good way to get folks to participate in your proposed
project. Since the above number is so small, it shouldn't need a whole
lot of assembly-code wizardry or distributed computing for you to crack.
We can save that kind of fancy stuff for the really big numbers RSA will
surely start throwing out in their desperation, once they realize how
woefully inadequate their encryption schemes are.
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rough but effective test
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Mar 2003

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You may be right. You obviously have more experience with mathematics than myself-- but I do have the ability to effectively coordinate this orchestrated system. It takes time to code, but with enough throughput on all levels and processing power the recorded data may benefit many fields even if it is not useful in the factorization process. I was quite arrogant to say that it will happen in two weeks. And I do apologize for any misleading information, but this is meant to gather talented individuals to assembly, to that we may develop the system. Mete me as you may whence we compute the algorithms of complexity devised to public-key crypt information.
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