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Default Reset the milestone counter: New SoB & PSP was found !!

It seems we can reset the milestone counter, for both PSP & SoB as it's a shared k:

PrimeGrid unofficial announcement

So if the verification has started on Halloween, we can assume the date for the hit is 31 October 2016.

Last Prime for SoB: 17 October 2007
Last Prime for PSP: 19 June 2010

SoB: Number of days since last prime: 3303 days or 9 years, 15 days
PSP: Number of days since last prime: 2327 days or 6 years, 4 months, 13 days

Almost an anniversary day for SoB
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Looks legit so far.

It's a pity they have no clue how to properly check for Fermat divisibility ("The Fermat divisor test will take a month and a half on a Haswell", they say)... but then again, does it matter? It most likely doesn't divide F, GF and even small xGFs.
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Congrats to all involved with this new prime, especially Szabolcs P├ęter.
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Yes a really big prime! It qualifies as a Colbert Number

The largest up to date, actually

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P90 years forever!
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Bravo!! Nine years between prime finds - congrats to all that stayed with it through the lean years!
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