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Feb 2013

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Adding both the P17, and the P32, and next the question about any "faking", for next also help.

Thinking of RSA-768 being just two P116's for such a thing, next a computational issue as well, except for not any right to know either.

But perhaps so, for also fact, that the sequential, for also consecutive factoring, could be still the better thing, for perhaps also more important, except for not returning, or yielding the final answer either.

We sometimes could make it only "loose factors" here, except for not any proven either, because perhaps no such thing needed either.

Any algebra perhaps, and next also Fibonacci as well, for only that of 2+3+6.

But rather past midnight here, and ending up thinking it should be 2*3 instead, except for not any 5+11 either.

Sorry about that, but is any Fibonacci any perturbation sequence, for also that of Fermat factors as well?

Any "consecutive" prime numbers, for also factors as well, and perhaps we do not have that either.

I once gave a thought that the average difference between factors, should be the total sum, divided with the total numbers known, for only that of factors.

3/2 = 1.5, and 5/3 = 1.6666, for only so easy, and next it could end up being just only reciprocal for such, meaning fractions of given numbers.

Except for still only the odd number returning just a prime, of course.

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Feb 2013

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My idiocy question, for perhaps the top of the day. Here pressing LF, or CR, but with no success.

Should not be my keyboard, however.

Something is wrong here, but rather noticing the fact that the link in question, for also article, became a quite smooth one, for also worth reading.

Needs getting back at the CR here, because with both BOINC and also Seti@home, they are getting a bit angry with me here.

Checking in tomorrrow, but not working here right here.

Perhaps better working now.

My keyboard blew.

Or the kitchen sink as well.

Giving it a try right now, but some 320,000 (321,000) relations needed here.

But next that you also perhaps know that I do not give the longer ones any reason either, for also chance, because also "Uhm" as well,
for only blowing a chance, for that of primality.

Never say never, for that of 2*2 = 4, of course, because perhaps not what I meant either.

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