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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
  1. Make a cron job that wipes your disks at 06:31...
Brilliant! Why it didn't occur to me?

Long time ago, around 1998, I was working in China in some factory and the boss at the time used to do the daily meetings at 7:30 am, during the breakfast (which was provided for free by the company). We (mid-management and up, like 20 persons or so) were all in the same room, around a big table, eating and talking for 30 to 50 minutes, before starting the day.

That was quite an useful time, and missing such event would cause some pain, but it was also another reason why you had to arrive at the company earlier than 7:30.

We were living in some villas (also provided by the company) about 500-800 meters away from the company, and we were "commuting" by bikes or on foot. (no, we didn't have all the villa for ourselves, the villas were 3- or 4-storied buildings, each floor having a big saloon with TV, vhs video, kitchen, common toilet, etc, and 4 apartments of one or two rooms and bathroom/shower each; the saloons were accessible by external stairs, and from each saloon you could enter the apartments; so there was a "common entrance" for every floor; we had a 1-room apartment there, the room was big, perfect for our needs, and free!). The southern region we were was on the seaside, in the Asian monsoonic area, and usually it was raining two time per day, every day, most of the year, at fixed times, when the wind from the sea changed its direction. One such change occured every day at 7:30 in the morning, and then, it was raining. And I mean, RAINING. For 20 minutes or so, you could not put your nose outside, without getting the backside of your pants wet inside. Then it stopped, as suddenly as it started. We had umbrellas, of course, but they were no use under the monsoon winds.

So, you had two choices, either go to job earlier, or arrive soaking of water and smelling all day like a wet dog. Waiting for the rain to stop was no option, you would miss the breakfast, and could also be late for work if the rain didn't stop in time - the weather was so capricious that sometimes it was raining for 23 minutes instead of 22, haha, just kidding, but you got the idea.

Of course, you already guessed: then, as well as now, waking up in the morning was/is not one of my favorite activities, so it was really a pain in the button and a real "quest" to wake up, especially when we went to bed almost always after midnight.

We tried all methods, nothing really worked. We used to ignore alarm clocks, noise, pets, pet-girls, whatever we could collect in the room. Until, we "invented" the "cool air" method.

The rooms we were living there were equipped with HUGE airconds, remote controlled (which was some "high tech" at the time, not so common, and especially in China). In the evening I was programming the aircond to start at 6:30 am, max blow, max cold, direction towards the bed, and put the remote in the opposite corner of the room.

One thing I hate in life more than waking up in the morning, is cold air blowing in my face. That I could not stand, and the thin blanket was no hide, so I had to wake up, go to the other side of the room, take the remote and stop the devilish thing. And then, once awake, everything was fine.

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Cron job..nice one.
When younger (I'm pushing 60 now), I was in the FFL and had to be on point regardless of fatigue, mental and physical. Think SEAL hell week and ground hog day wrapped up as one where either not catching someone's mistake or making one yourself would have been your last. In such circumstances you catch some shut eye whenever and wherever you can because that's the only rest you'll have..REM was just a memory then.
Later I worked on the railroad as a conductor/foreman building up and tearing down trains up to a mile long with the attendant dangerous goods marshaling etc.. in train yards in Vancouver...and you get to ride in them at 65 mph on the main line where the sphincter factor comes into play. Many of these jobs were "on call" but this time you could call in had to judge yourself accordingly because when you were on the job you had to be alert..a mistake could have devastating consequences.
So the moral of the story here is don't be a baby.
These days I can set a mental alarm for 5 am and be up at that time. Practice. For coffee, use instant and an amount that will pop your eyes open. Turn on a radio or TV for music or news...something you like (these people get up before you!). You should be plenty sharp at least 15 minutes before your conference. If it helps place a few crank calls to your buddies beforehand, wear something interesting (watch the IT Crowd for tips) or something along those lines to start your day right! This probably didn't help so do the cron job..
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Default It's sometimes fun being me...

So, things are going down in my world...

I can't go into details, but here's a picture taken from a place few are allowed to take a picture from.

I won't bore you all with the very strange looks I got from people as they walked past me, sitting half-lotus with a laptop, cellphone, and tablet...
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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
So, things are going down in my world...
Which "going down,"occurring or happening," or "getting worse"?
I won't bore you all with the very strange looks I got from people as they walked past me, sitting half-lotus with a laptop, cellphone, and tablet...
...and swaying slightly, looking now at the laptop or tablet, then into infinity, and mumbling incoherent incantations, punctuated by the occasional "om, om"...
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Originally Posted by Dr Sardonicus View Post
Which "going down,"occurring or happening," or "getting worse"?
LOL... The former...

Please forgive me for this, but Barbados "has this".

You are safer here than just about anywhere else in the world.

We haven't had any community spread for months.

It takes some work to achieve that...
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