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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
what p-1 has been run on P(3326400/2)
Sander (smh) found nine new factors in 2003 by running P-1 on M(3326400) at B1=100K. That covered both M(3326400/2) and P(3326400/2). I'm not aware of any additional work.

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You were correct in assuming that I was thinking about running it on the small composite list and not the whole number. When I did ecm in the past it was only possible to used ECM and the N= or call a number from a file etc.

Prime 95 has come a long way in worker thread etc so I was wondering if they implemented a N= option, apparently not. I couldn't see anything about it in the readme or undoc, there actually was a portion that some what said no; or at least sepecified the numbers that could be factored of the k*2^n+-b.

In any case I have the composite.txt list that I asked for thanks.
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