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Lightbulb Nash's problem to his multivariable calculus class

Found an interesting thing. Mind you I don't expect too much accuracy from Hollywood films. (Some recent exceptions only prove the case, e.g. Queen's gambit chess accuracy is rather an exception: they paid attention to the chess aspect early enough in pre-production and approached none other than Garry Kasparov, and he took the challenge to almost a "music score"-writing degree. There is an interview with him; he explains that in some cases he custom build valid chess plays that both make sense in the flow of the show and are natural.)

I was searching for the exact quote from 'A beautiful mind' and instead google found for me a brief analysis of the problem that Nash poses to his class (that he was required to teach in order to do research) -

“This problem here will take some of you many months to solve; for others among you it will take you the term of your natural lives.”
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vid not available anymore (rights)
but if we copy the code to a fresh YT tab, it shows the title and the comments, and we guess we know what you refer to.
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Yeah, sorry about that; with many YT localized policies now, the country-to-country availability is decided by YT themselves. The movies are a slippery subject and linking to small user's screen grabs is doomed to fail (they always get deleted, sooner or later), but this one is a commercial channel (who likely clear the rights properly), so I thought chances were better. but even this one is "localized to Americas" I would suspect.
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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
and instead google found for me a brief analysis of the problem that Nash poses to his class (that he was required to teach in order to do research) -
I think people do Algebraic Topology in order to capture the deep underlying idea without having to wade through all that applied mathematics!
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It felt like Kasparov had a hand in the Queen's Gambit because the tension was there and the body language on cue. I wasn't aware of the Queen of Katwe so thanks for that.
In the link is a fellow I played poker against (as well as a few others...Dimitri X was one (didn't get his last name)). Only Katz and Dmitri were of Keyser Soze stock. I wasn't able to enter the tournament they were in because we arrived too late in I had to gamble instead.
Here's a link that provides a few interesting links on Nash:
There are associations with some of his work to number theory (and Mersenne Primes)...but you need to solve the question in the original post first to get a handle on the mindset required...with a trick or two.

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