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Default 43.5 - 44.0 to 2^63

I'd like to bag this range to 2^63.

There 12146 exponents in this range based on the file in the Mersenne database dated April 23, 2007 (the latest).

According to the "All Available Ranges" sticky, this range is available. These exponents are all already TF'ed up to 2^62.

Please let me know someone has already claimed this range so I can select another.

My progress will not be greased lightning, roughly the speed of half a P4 3GHz machine. I'm getting through them at a rate of about 44 minutes per exponent, that's roughly 33 exponents per day or 11945 exponents per year so I'm expecting just over a year to complete. I hope this rate is not too slow.

I will report back to this thread weekly and to George Woltman every month or so until the batch is completed.

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