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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
You can download Primo 3.0.9 from my page running under WIN, so you get an idea, how long a certificate would take for a 'only' 5000 digit number.
Sure this version is slower than the current one, but try it.
I want to run these numbers to prove my Sierpinski and Riesel conjectures:

S73: (14*73^21369+1)/3 (may be too large)
S105: (191*105^5045+1)/8
S256: (11*256^5702+1)/3

R7: (197*7^181761-1)/2 and (367*7^15118-1)/6 (may be too large)
R73: (79*73^9339-1)/6
R91: (27*91^5048-1)/2
R100: (133*100^5496-1)/33
R107: (3*107^4900-1)/2
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