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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Sequences I've advanced to 140+ digits in the last two weeks:
13^78, 13^36, 13^76, 13^56, 13^72
Fantastic, thanks for all these calculations !
In the next few days, I will make an update that should be more substantial than the usual updates !

Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
Yeah, that "pink" was actually purple. Try #faa for pink and a slightly darker #ea0 for orange, as in this attachment.
I prefer this color scheme to your previous proposal.
I will update with your last proposal.
Because I think your request is motivated by a desire to make the page more accessible to people who might have vision problems.
And I thank you Alexander for your concern about this problem.
Then we'll see if there are positive or negative reactions from other users of the page.
As for me, I must admit in all sincerity that personally I still have a slight preference for the lighter colors of the current page. Having said that, I think I can work for a long time without tiring my eyesight with your latest proposal.
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