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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
I have a script that will run a whole table against current sequences checking for merges. I'll run it on all the new tables and see what it turns up. At that point there will be a list that can be referenced instead of digging through posts. I'll try to have that later today.

Note that it uses the 80 digit file, so it won't pick up those few merges we found that are outside that.

OK, many thanks for your help, because I don't have a script : I look for the mergers manually and it can take a long time !
Does it use my 80 digit file, on my website ?
Because I know that I will also have to update this file : in a year, things move because of the sequences which merge and which end !
And I hope that when I scan the over 27,000 sequences in the main project, I won't find any broken aliquot sequences !
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