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Default Aliquot sequences that start on the integer powers n^i

On my website, I wrote a page that summarizes my work on aliquot sequences starting on integer powers n^i. This page summarizes the results and reservations for each aliquot sequences one has chosen to calculate.

See this page.

If someone in this forum also wants to calculate these aliquot sequences with me, he can indicate it to me here and I note his name in the cells of my page to reserve him the integer powers of his choice.
He will then have to enter the results into factordb and let me know so that I can fill and color the cells of the array as appropriate.

Note : For open-end aliquot sequences, I stop at 10^120 (orange color cells).

Edit: The following link will take you to a regularly updated page of conjectures that have been formed based on this project:

Conjectures related to aliquot sequences starting on integer powers n^i

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