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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
Would a moderator please move this (and succeeding) gibberish to the crank
math sub-forum?
I decided I better show you how I got that:
  • the fact that if 2n+1|2k+1 (| meaning divides), k \eq n \pmod{2n+1} can be shown by showing 2n+1 divides when k=n and that 2n+1 divides one in every 2n+1 odd numbers.
  • based on 2n+1=p we get: 2^{p-1}\eq 1 \pmod {p^2} == 2^{2n+1-1}\eq 1 \pmod {{2n+1}^2} == 2^{2n+1-1}\eq 1 \pmod{4n^2+4n+1} == 2^{2n}\eq 1 \pmod{4n^2+4n+1} == 2^{2n}-1\eq 0 \pmod{4n^2+4n+1
  • based on these other two we can show that if 2^{2n}-1\eq 0 \pmod{4n^2+4n+1} then 2^{2n-1}-1 \eq 2n^2+2n \pmod{4n^2+4n+1}

therefore the original congruence plus the basics of division can show that what I said is true. edit: this last result can be rewritten as 2^{p-2}-1 \eq {\frac{p-1}{2}(p+1)} \pmod {p^2}

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