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I think that I have determined what is happening.

sgsieve is sieving for k*b^n-1 and 2*k*b^n-1

I suspect that newpgen is sieving for k*b^n-1 and k*b^(n+1)-1

sgsieve is sieving for the traditional form which is p and 2p+1. This is only a problem when b != 2.

I do not know if anyone is sieving for b != 2 with newpgen.

I do not know if llr, pfgw, sgsieve, and newpgen are all in sync with npg file formats when b != 2.

I would appreciate if someone could run some tests with llr, pfgw, and newpgen to determine if they all handle the npg file format for Sophie-Germains properly for b != 2.
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