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Originally Posted by tnerual View Post
with large number of k (>300), forget about sr2sieve ! only use srsieve

i have 2000k left in my base 31 file and i can't use sr2 sieve (after 300k, i'm at 1.5 GB of memory used) the problem is the legendre symbol table that is too big ...
2 things.

1. Maybe you can PM me how you got started using srsieve, since I don't seem to be able to get it started. So would you be kind enough to tell me how you got started?... you doesn't have to PM me you can also tell me here :)

2. Also can't sr2sieve be told not to build the legendre table if it seems to take up all the memory?

Now about my first question to Mr a :), I found the answer myself, and I'm assuming that I should be able to go directly to sr2sieve.exe, if this is wrong please correct me.
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