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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Thanks for the offer. Sergey says he had a couple of disk crashes but is carrying on. James says he will do his files sometime; I can ask him to hand over the reservations to you if you like -- note some of James' are half done. Still interested?
Well, it wasn't an offer to test them. Only an offer to follow-up. that you mention it , perhaps I'll start with the lowest 2 of James' files, i.e. 3.514M-3.516M and 3.516M-3.518M. But before I commit, how long does a full file take? I have new 2.4 Ghz quads.

If it doesn't take too long (i.e. < 30 CPU days), can you forward me the sieved files for them and would James be able to send me the results files for what he's done so far on those 2 files? If it takes much less time, I could commit to testing more of his remaining files.

It would be approximately 1-2 weeks before I could start on them.

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