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Data is data. Raw data that is, you give folks all the freedom they want to have.

When I first data mined our local genetic database (we have by now sequenced >> 1,000 diagnostic clinical cases; and yes, we are a CAP/CLiA certified genetic lab for the test specifications for which we developed, wrote and validated ourselves*), I've found 3 female fathers and 4 male mothers. Most of them of course were clerical errors. We've identified false paternities, incest... but no false maternities so far. We've found some newborns whose gender parents already pre-decided ("Our child is a boy," genetic sex be damned.) The tagging practices in 21st century are not what they were in, say, 1970s, when toe tags could be swapped (the leading root cause for false maternities).

We as DNA scientists see people deeper than 'naked', we take a test of the nuclei of their cells. Gender is a term reserved for self-determination (and it can be non-binary), but genetically many simplest invariants that we immediately compute from the genomic DNA sequence is the _sex_. The scientific articles a chock full of _sex_, you better believe it.
* but there is not much room there to be arbitrary. FDA, CAP, CLiA, AMP lay out guidelines and best practices, and our degrees of freedom lie in implementing those correctly.
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