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Default 2.07 now available

Originally Posted by James Heinrich View Post
I wouldn't have noticed this except for some error checking in my automated parsing of factor.log

Note the second-last line:
prp84 cofactor = 67627522805179106773859180025103681923504306209525858835440580638970766947677849939
That number is only 83 characters long, but claims to be a prp84.
This should be fixed now, as well as the previous problem building on avx2.

I verified the latest commits made it to github, we are now at 2.07.

In this version I've committed changes to the MSVC project files and linux makefile that revert back to the "normal" directory structure of yafu and its dependencies (no more ".git" or "trunk" in the relative paths of libraries). And removed some confusing stuff in the makefile. Hopefully working toward something that is easier to build.

Two other things of note:
1) I was made aware that aprcl wasn't running on factors found, this is now fixed and factors displayed to screen should now be "P" instead of "PRP"
2) AVX-ECM below 1040 bits is about 10% faster.

Regarding the "P" vs. "PRP" labeling... the .log file still generally gets "prp" printed. Which could be fixed, but before I do that I wanted to see if that would break anyone's scripting/parsing?
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