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No, that since the greatest eclipse yesterday was when the Sun was too close to the horizon during sunrise, I have decided not to see it up. High buildings easily hide the view of the Sun when it is too close to the horizon, and also that it is a monsoon season now, cloudy, yesterday it rained, and so on. So, I didn't bother to wake up early yesterday.

Yesterday's eclipse was 69.3% of the Sun being obscured by the moon, from Chennai. I am planning to view the one on 15 January 2010, when I expect the sky to be much clear, during such a season. That will be a greater eclipse from our area. Though, that is not a total solar eclipse, that is an annular one. The track of that annular eclipse, the central line passes between India and Sri Lanka, however the annular eclipse will be visible from Kanniyakumari, Tuticorin, Rameswaram or Nagapattinam.

This eclipse occurs during the afternoon, when the Sun is near the zenith, so that the view of the Sun will be easily possible. Also that it does not take that long to travel to the above places from Chennai, so that I am planning to view that eclipse. Anyway, from Chennai, yesterday, total eclipse was not visible, so it does not matter at all if I missed the partial solar eclipse. Places where the total eclipse was visible such as Varanasi or Patna take 3 days to travel by train, or by airplane, it is too expensive.

I will view the annular solar eclipse on 15 January 2010, from the antumbra, itself. Total solar eclipse, when it gets dark enough spectacularly to see Mercury or Venus can be seen some other day, or to see the corona and the prominences surrounding the Sun. Or rather I plan to travel to the USA (or hopefully I would be there) by 2017, to see a total solar eclipse, during the zenith. Two total lunar eclipses, each of them occurring on 15 June 2011 and then on 10 December 2011, both being visible from India. They can both be viewed directly with the naked eye in the sky, without causing any eye damage at all, which is not at all the case with the solar eclipse like that, in the sky. I have special glasses bought recently to view the solar eclipse, though, at any time.

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