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US by-state incremental US$/KWHR figures vary widely, from under $0.10 Idaho to over $0.327 Hawaii.
Change over a year from -5% Idaho to +20% Louisiana.
0.25GBP/kwhr x1.37 = US$0.3425/kwhr, slightly higher than Hawaii.
I'm in Wisconsin, paying 2 different rates, both of which are below Wisconsin's indicated average and don't change much. Rate applicable to my GIMPS use is ~US$0.114/kwhr and hasn't changed in over a year. So, ~0.333 of Paul's coming rate. (~0.11% below 1/3 if his stated 0.25 was exact) That utility's generation is ~40+% fission and renewables, ~32% gas and ~23% coal currently.

For global comparison there are many sources including

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