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Default What "weed need" is a space mission!

For all of you space buffs and fans, it is time to vent!

What is the most overlooked mission that you think should happen now?
What is a mission that you think should be given priority?
What mission would fill in some vital piece of knowledge or provide a new window of insight or explore new territory?

The rules:
  • It must be an unmanned mission.
  • It must not be directly overlap any current or currently planned mission. This includes ESA (and all other European space agencies), NASA, RSA, B612, JAXA, and all other national agencies.
  • You have ~$1billion to work with.
  • No breakthrough tech allowed.
  • Must launch within 7 years and flight time to destination must be under 10 years. Primary Mission time is open, but must be covered by the funding.
  • Launch vehicles must be near term available (no SLS, but Falcon Heavy is ok), max of 2 launches, and the cost of the launches are part of the $1B. (Assume that the launched craft can auto-dock if needed).
  • A nominal amount of Deep Space Network support is available for a token charge.

Surprise us. Be creative.
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