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Assuming you have chosen k.b^n-1 with k fixed in NewPGen:

My testing of various 'k's (between 1000 and 20000) up to an n of 40000 indicates that a higher number of 'n's left after sieving probably means there will be more primes produced.

I suppose it is reasonable to assume this holds for higher n and larger k?

I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I have never had to sieve passed 500-600 billion. Your larger amount of 'n's left suggest to me the possibility of more primes than I have been finding at those ranges. But, of course, it will take you longer to test all those 'n's !

I only ever sieve to the level suggested in the instructions for NewPGen.

Happy hunting!

(Not my use ofthe words ''probably', 'suggest' and 'possibility' ! )
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