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Originally Posted by Dylan14 View Post
That graph is quite old and it should be somehow interpreted like "CoresHoursGHz" instead of the "CPU Hours", because the new CPUs have many cores which are much faster than at the time the tables were drawn. But beside of that, the graphs are still amazingly accurate. For example it says that you need about 5000 "CPU Hours" to factor a C160. This may look like a freaking long-LONG time, considering that my wheelbarrow can crunch a C160 in about 5-6 days.

However, there will be 10 cores used for it, each running at 4 GHz, and it also has 4 (four) fast memory channels (x99 i7-6950x), and a LOT of cache memory, compared to other CPUs, which gives it about 20-30% more speed when HT is used (20 threads). Therefore, ~5.5 days times 24 hours, times 10 cores, times 4 GHz, is about 5280 "CPU Hours", more or less...

So,... yeah...

Edit: @OP, I edited first post of the thread to put the long number in code tags. Please use code tags for long lines without breaks - such long lines make the thread very difficult to read on narrow screens because the size of the browser is extended out of the screen.

Edit 2: related to the puzzle itself (we just clicked the link), is there any way to exploit the "terrain difficulty" and "additional hint"? You have the most significant part of the coordinates, which puts you in a "about" 100km large square, and you are looking for something situated on easy terrain (not a mountain, for example), on the south east face (so, it has faces/sides!) at few feet up (so, it has an "up", or "uphill", or is something "floating" above the ground, etc). I have no idea where the place is, and no time for digging deep, I also never participated in the challenge, and I may be talking stupidities, but maybe a perspicacious person could squeeze in the box without factoring the C200? There is also the observation they made that there may be more than 2 factors, so it may be deliberate to point to ECM.

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