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Small update, I've been plodding away with some of my older work which is still producing pairs but with only a small fraction being new. I've also started a bit of a new more random approach which is producing more pairs and hopefully many more new ones! (Based on the BDE method which is all I'll say just now).

Over time more and more Xn1 pairs are appearing, hopefully they will have some future use!
I've also been refinding lots of known n1 pairs, but today finally my submission had two new ones
31 Walker 2016

41 Walker 2016

The first I was able to find an additional 106 pairs from, up to 429 digits.
The second I've just started work on, could be a lot more so please leave this for me!

I'm running a big search for type (6, 1) pairs, so I'm not doing (and not planning) any BDE right now.
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