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Default priority for LLRnet port 8000!

Announcements suck because we can't respond.

I just tossed on 2 Quads to assist.

Hi all,

By my rough estimates, we are set to finish up port 8000 LLRnet either late on the 16th or early on the 17th. The problem with that is, I am leaving on vacation very, very early in the morning of the 17th--so I wouldn't be able to process the results until after I get back from vacation. Thus, I am asking all the participants of NPLB to throw all their internet-connected resources on port 8000 if at all possible until it is dried out. With an extra push like that, we should be able to get the server finished at least by mid-day tomorrow (EDT), if not earlier, which will mean that I'll have enough time to get the results processed and sent in to Gary before I leave for vacation. (And no, I can't stay up late on the 16th to do them, because I have to get up at 4:30 AM on the 17th. )

I have one core on port 8000 right now; unfortunately I cannot put the other core on it too, because that would mean taking it off of an extremely high priority re-do range (a lower range from the 1st Drive that we don't have any results for) that I'm also rushing to get done before my vacation.

So, if all of you could do one huge push on port 8000 until it's dried out, I would be very grateful.


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