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Thumbs up Born in England!

Originally Posted by Patrick123 View Post

With India and Pakistan out of the race( which constitutes 90% of the viewing persons ) hopefully this will bring a bit of a smile.

Q. Why is Andrew Flintoff the unluckiest English player?
A. Because he was born in England.

Q. Regards

Some good cracks at the English teams !

Pat please keep it up. If they frown on it in this thread we always have the dumb jokes thread to post too.

Yeah in the past at one time this was very true. The players were mostly from the colonies.

But seriously the English are great as they have the ready trait to laugh at themselves.

Right now the games are on and I only just realised that S.A. is playing against SL.
Well SL elected to bat, and they have put up a poor show- 92 for 4

The WI are not faring too well either against the Poms.

It looks like the downunders will win the cup in the long run.

As for India we are a disgrace. I cant get over the record breaker Sachin going out for a duck! Now that's a record!

SL (former Ceylon) takes me back to an excellent movie in the old days-

'The Elephant Walk' starring Peter Finch (great ) with Liz Taylor (lovely) in her abs. youth.

As soon as my wife goes off to bed after seeing her favourite detective serial
I will be switching to both matches being played.

Well Pat keep up the googlies and I wish S.A. the very best of luck!


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