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Originally Posted by Tresark
I just installed one of these MB's. Fresh load of WinXP pro, all new. Started testing stability with Prime95. Ran for 6 or so hours, lots of results no problems. Loaded up MBM5 to watch CPU temps, ran Prime95, nothing for hours. Checked CPU load, down around 5%. Hm. Maybe something wrong, reinstalled windows, ran Prime95 all okay. Loaded mbm5, ran Prime95, cpu load at 5 or less percent again. Hm, reinstalled windows (getting good and reinstalling windows), ran prime95 good results. Loaded Gigabyte supplied monitor HSM something or other. prime95 using 5% of cpu again? Hm, reinstalled windows again, ran prime95, all ok. Rebooted and looked at CPU temps via bios. Finished booting, prime95 back at 5% again. WTH? If I do anything to access the on board CPU temp monitor prime95 drops to 5% and stays there. Anyone else see this problem or know of solution?


Maybe the temperature monitor is using some CPU or is not well threaded. Try raising the priority of Prime95 to 5.

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