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Question prime95 blend torture test and memory swapping to disk

I just installed one of these MB's. Fresh load of WinXP pro, all new. Started testing stability with Prime95. Ran for 6 or so hours, lots of results no problems. Loaded up MBM5 to watch CPU temps, ran Prime95, nothing for hours. Checked CPU load, down around 5%. Hm. Maybe something wrong, reinstalled windows, ran Prime95 all okay. Loaded mbm5, ran Prime95, cpu load at 5 or less percent again. Hm, reinstalled windows (getting good and reinstalling windows), ran prime95 good results. Loaded Gigabyte supplied monitor HSM something or other. prime95 using 5% of cpu again? Hm, reinstalled windows again, ran prime95, all ok. Rebooted and looked at CPU temps via bios. Finished booting, prime95 back at 5% again. WTH? If I do anything to access the on board CPU temp monitor prime95 drops to 5% and stays there. Anyone else see this problem or know of solution?

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