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Originally Posted by frmky View Post
That's a BIOS issue. Google says to look for options deep in the BIOS menus like PCI Express 64-bit BAR Support, large BARs, or above 4G decoding.
Thank you for all the help with everythig. I do appreciate it, but I'm going to leave it sit for now. I did search the BIOS and all I found were two things: a Robust Graphics Booster with Auto/Fast/Turbo setting, for which there is a red message (for all three settings), "Warning: VGA Graphics card is not guaranteed to operate normally," and a PCIE frequency adjustment with a warning about setting it above 100MHz. The messages are displayed for the K20Xm as well. I guess I should consider myself lucky that one works.

Thank you, again, for all your help.
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