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Default Similar problem....

Running 25.7 on a Windows XP laptop, the typical 2-processor kind of thing everyone is buying now.

When the power cable is unplugged, both clients correctly always stop. When the power cable is plugged back in, sometimes but not always, only one client will resume and the other will continue to think it is on battery pause forever. Unplugging and replugging the power cable again always restarts both of them.

Mostly I notice it if I accidentally snag the cord and plug it back in. I have one client running trial factoring and the other running LL tests. It is either always or almost-always the LL test client that fails to restart.

Speculation: if the cord is unplugged and replugged within the space of a couple seconds, the LL test client is busy shutting down and writing results at the time the AC power comes back on. Easy fix by having it re-check the power state after it finishes shutting down, or by holding the restart-the-client message in a queue if the client is busy when the message is sent, maybe?
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