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Originally Posted by Mark Rose View Post
cooler months?
Ye dreaming, hehe, "cooler months" here mean +12C in the morning, since 15 years the lowest I ever saw in my area was a very cold end of November few years ago when it dropped to +9C, and usually the "winter" here corresponds to the "dry season" (no rain from about end of October to May, with very few exceptions, there are few rainy days in March, called the "mango rain", because if it rains at that time the mango fruit gets bigger and sweeter). I never seen "condensation" in this period, even the dew is extremely scarce and the grass under the threes dies (the other is still receiving some dew in the morning and survives) if ye don't water it. Sometime I really envy your guys living in colder countries, and I am missing the snow, and think nostalgically to Romanian winters, with -20C and one meter of snow... What a data center I would do there... (assuming I can lock the same income, of course, hehe). I would not have the cooling problems I have here... fighting the heat 10 months per year... But on the other side, no money spent on coats, boots, preserves, etc, I have fresh fruits all the year and I can go to job with the same shorts and t-shirt 200 days a year...

Edit, P.S. related to condensation, I wanted to try therocouples (for example peltiers, you can buy them very cheap from ebay now) but some of my friends scared me off with condensation stories/nightmares. I will try them in the future for sure, when the time/budget will allow.

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