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Originally Posted by MattcAnderson View Post
In My Humble Opinion, as long as populations continue to increase, we will eventually run out of water.
I find the sentence to be very awkward. I imagine it means something like, "If human population numbers get high enough, there won't be enough water to go around."

This is quite unlikely to be true globally. The sheer amount of fresh water on earth will likely remain ample (in theory) to supply human needs for the foreseeable future.

In practice, however, shortages are very likely in a number of locations in the not-too-distant future. You can't magically transport water from one place to another. It is said that water flows uphill toward money (the Central Arizona Project being a case in point), but there are limits to what is practicable. I doubt the residents of Great Lakes states are going to consent to Great Lakes water being piped to Phoenix any time soon.
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