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Originally Posted by devarajkandadai View Post
I may be wrong perhaps I am the first mathematician to discover the following property of polynomials:

Let f(x) be a polynomial in x ( x belongs to Z, can be a Gaussian integer, or be a square matrix in which the elements are rational integers or Gaussian integers).

Then f(x + k*f(x)) = = 0 mod(f(x)).
You are not the first mathematician,
i discovered it also, a little bit earlier than you, may be 10 years ago:
see ,
and i do not claim to be the first.

But it is indeed a good basic idea for prime generators,
if you add the proof :
f(x - k*f(x)) = = 0 mod(f(x)) (or k element Z)
you have a good criteria for prime generators.

Have a look at
and you will discover a little bit more of prime numbers
or prime generators in quadratic progression.

Nice Greetings from the primes
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