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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
My BAD! I emailed them to Max because he sent me the work.
I have just now forwarded it to you.
Wasn't sure exactly what you would need, so grabbed it all
     101 checkpoint-b.txt
     101 checkpoint-c.txt
     101 checkpoint-d.txt
     101 checkpoint-e.txt
     101 checkpoint-f.txt
     101 checkpoint-g.txt
     101 checkpoint-h.txt
 230,175 factors-a.txt
  98,439 factors-b.txt
  95,535 factors-c.txt
  95,898 factors-d.txt
  94,314 factors-e.txt
  91,278 factors-f.txt
  90,948 factors-g.txt
  86,658 factors-h.txt
  19,089 sr2sieve-a.log
   1,257 sr2sieve-b.log
   1,257 sr2sieve-c.log
   1,257 sr2sieve-d.log
   1,257 sr2sieve-e.log
   1,257 sr2sieve-f.log
   1,256 sr2sieve-g.log
   1,256 sr2sieve-h.log
Hmm...something doesn't look right there. There shouldn't be any checkpoint.txt files if the range is complete.

Okay...I've looked at the files you sent me via email, and it seems that instance A finished its range, but then you stopped the rest of them manually with Ctrl-C at that point. The rest of them appear to be a few minutes away from finishing; check your email for more details on this.

Gary, if you already removed the factors from the sieve file, no biggie; even though David will be re-sending you the completed factors files for his range later on, it still won't hurt even if many of them have already been removed since srfile automatically deals with duplicate factors.


Edit: Ah, I see Gary beat me to the punch on this. lol

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