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Why did you say you were "Done and emailed to you" when your range is not done yet? (lol) Are you still sieving? I hope so.

Anyway, since you aren't done, all that I needed was an ETA (estimated completed date) not all of the files.

I went ahead and checked the files. The factors-a range of P=7200G to 7325G is done. The factors-b thru factors-h files are 85% done. You can now run the factors-a core on something else if you haven't already started.

---you can skip this fluff stuff if you want and go to the last para. that has helpful info.---

Since you're 85% complete on those files and I see by looking in this thread that you probably started on Jan. 3rd, that means you've been running 9 days.

Therefore: 9 days / 85% = 10.6 days

So, you should have 1.6 days remaining or a completion date of late on Jan. 14th. That sounds good assuming that you're still sieving.

---end of fluff stuff

Helpful sieving stuff for you:

1. Sr2sieve will show the date/time that it expects completion at the command prompt as it is displaying factors while it is running. That's where you could get the ETA without having to mess with the files.

2. The checkpoint.txt file will give you a percent completion. It is updated every 5 mins. That is where I got your % completion on your factors-b thru factors-h files. Here's an example of the checkpoint-b.txt file:

The "frac_done" shows the percentage of completion, i.e. .853165. Actually, if you look at all of the other stuff that it shows, they are quite self explanetory even if you've never sieved before. It's a very helpful little file that allows you to restart right where you left off if the machine shuts down.

I hope this helps.


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